The ADOM RPG Kickstarter now is live!

In less than 24 hours. You guys and girls rock! The ADOM community remains awesome beyond belief. Thanks for your trust. This will be an awesome game! And now we can unlock the many mind-blowing stretch goals!

Table of Content - ADOM RPG PHB

Due to popular request from our running Kickstarter campaign for the ADOM RPG we now have uploaded high-res (300 DPI) versions of our sample pages plus a couple of new ones. You can download them here (but be careful – slightly over 200 MB wait for you!)

ADOM RPG is coming to Kickstarter!

If no unforeseen disaster happens we now are ready to start out Kickstarter campaign for the ADOM Roleplaying Game on Monday, 14th of January, 2019, 6pm German time. It will run for a total of 30 days. As you can imagine we are quite excited about this. Feedback so farContinue Reading