ADOM RPG is coming to Kickstarter!

Kickstarter is coming!

If no unforeseen disaster happens we now are ready to start out Kickstarter campaign for the ADOM Roleplaying Game on Monday, 14th of January, 2019, 6pm German time. It will run for a total of 30 days.

As you can imagine we are quite excited about this. Feedback so far has been great and we hope for a wonderful campaign.

We have prepared lots of materials for the Kickstarter itself, laid out more than a dozen stretch goals and will be offering PDF, print (softcover, hardcover, B&W as well as full-color) for all types of budgets plus some great – and highly limited – rewards for true ADOM fans and collectors. Including the opportunity to get me to your place and do a five-day GM job for you and your players (I’m really curious to see if anyone is going to pick that one).

If the campaign goes well, we’ll be proud to fulfill the wish so many people uttered after our first campaign (“how can I get a copy of the ADOM RPG”), because this version of the ADOM RPG is going to be so much more complete than the ADOM Lite version from the previous campaign (we have planned two books with a total of 600+ full-colored pages!).

See you soon in the campaign and if you want to be notified by mail about its start, it’s still time to register for our newsletter:

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