A Modern Fantasy RPG With An Old School Soul

12 Races, 22 classes, dual- and multiclassing, a simple yet vivid skill system, a modern advantage/disadvantage d20 core mechanic with a twist, a non-vancian spell system based on power points plus a detailed corruption system will reward you with a unique experience. In all its full color glory!

Fight The Incursion Of Chaos!

In over 27 years millions of heroes have been lost in the computer roguelike game ADOM. Now you can enter the struggle against Chaos in a fast, fluid and freeform pen & paper OSR game based on the most famous RPG rules ever. This is how a hypothetical 6th edition of the original ruleset might look like!

Explore The Ancient Domains Of Mystery!

The world of Ancardia is an open world & sandbox campaign setting with exciting factions, legendary enemies and ample room for your own creativity. Your campaign, your rules!

Chaos Is Slowly Devouring Reality!

Fight Chaos, either to vanquish it and become a legendary hero or to ursurp the position of Andor Drakon, Supreme Lord of Chaos and take his place. 36 experience levels allow for ample character customization on your road to immortality... and ascension?

Your Campaign! Your Rules!

Two fully self-contained rulebooks with 224+ pages in glorious full color, extremely accessible layout and breath-taking imagery are all you will ever need as they provide hundreds of spells, items and monsters and rules for creating more!

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The ADOM Roleplaying Game (ADOM RPG) is based on the famous roguelike computer game ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) – one of the five foundational roguelike games. ADOM was initially released in 1994 and still is actively played by a large community (see the forums, Facebook, Twitter, blog and Steam page as well as its GOG page).
A sequel – Ultimate ADOM – is under development.

Your Campaign, Your Rules!

Fast & furious rules, vivid character generation, a flexible sandbox setting, all gathered under the hood of a modern, immensely readable & beautiful layout.

During the 2012 crowdfunding campaign that resurrected ADOM development we created the ADOM Lite RPG as part of the crowdfunding rewards. The new ADOM RPG is a completely reimagined and written from scratch rules system to finally realize the full potential of the world of ADOM and more than 27 years of active gaming history!

Key Features

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Modern Layout

ADOM RPG features a modern full-color layout, easily readable typography and amazing artwork making this a true 21st century roleplaying game.

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Old School Soul

ADOM RPG is an Old School Renaissance (OSR) game using the Open Gaming License (OGL). Gameplay is fast, furious and freeform, rules are kept to a minimum in the best traditions of old school gaming.

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Sandbox Setting

Though ADOM RPG is set in the world of Ancardia, an ancient fantasy world embroiled in a deadly struggle between Chaos and Order, the rules can easily be used with your own setting or other worlds.

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Ancardia is wrecked by an eternal war between the forces of Order and Chaos. Chaos tempts all living beings, slowly corrupting them by granting marvelous powers while at the same time changing your physique. ADOM RPG provides a unique corruption system that mirrors your growing power and deformation.

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Non-Vancian Spell System

Most OSR games (as well as the granddaddy of all roleplaying games) use spell slots that are memorized daily. ADOM RPG goes a different route using a spellcasting system based on power points which are used to fuel (and push) your spells. Experience a totally new freedom of magic!

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Core d20 Mechanic

All checks are resolved using one or two rolls of a d20. ADOM RPG combines the elegance of the advantage/disadvantage system of the fifth incarnation of the granddaddy of all RPGs with an amazing twist (not invented here) in order to fix problems inherent to said 5th edition system. Fast, furious, easy to use!


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