This page contains sample pages from the upcoming ADOM RPG. As the game has not yet been published all examples are subject to potential change. The final layout might look differently. Nonetheless we will try to keep you updated on the progress of the rulebooks.

The rulebooks are layouted in glorious full color with tons of amazing art. B/W versions probably also will be made available, though at reduced quality, as they will be derived from the full-color versions.

High-Res Page Samples

On this page you find low-res samples of pages extracted from a previous version of the Player’s Handbook. If you would like to see a high-res version you can use this roughly

200 MB link to download 300 DPI versions of all sample pages

below plus an extended table of content, the intro to the character creation chapter and a preview of Gamemaster’s Guide content plus more sample art.

Cover of the Player’s Handbook (PHB)

The ADOM RPG will be published in two books, the first one being the Player’s Handbook (PHB) will all information for creating and advancing characters. The cover is a nod to the famous “red demon statue” cover of the player’s handbook of the first advanced edition of the grandfather of all roleplaying rules.

Cover of the Game Master’s Guide (GMG)

The second game manual of the ADOM RPG is the Game Master’s Guide (GMG) containing all the rules required to create a campaign, for magical items and monsters as well about specialized topics like corruption, large-scale warfare or ascending to immortality. It also will contain more detailed information about the world of Ancardia (the background world of Ancient Domains Of Mystery).

The cover is a reminiscence to one of the famous advanced first edition gamemaster guides of the world most famous roleplaying game. It depicts Brannalbin, a mysterious immortal master of magic in the world of Ancardia.

PHB Table of Content

The following sample shows parts of the table of content from the Player’s Handbook. As the PHB still is a work in progress it is neither complete nor are the page numbers final. We expect the PHB to be around 256 pages in size in its end version.

PHB Table of Contents 1/2
PHB Table of Contents 2/2

Sample Character Class: Archer

The following sample shows the Archer character class.

Sample Character Class: Fighter

The following sample shows the Fighter character class.

Sample Chapter Intro: The Danger System

The Danger System is the core rules system of the ADOM RPG. It combines the advantage/disadvantage system of the fifth edition of the world’s most famous roleplaying system with a system suggested by Methods & Madness blog that brilliantly scales the advantage/disadvantage system to more complex situations and removes many illogical and/or stupid cases created by the design of the fifth edition.

Chapter Intro: The Danger System

Chapter Intro: Mindcraft

Mindcraft always has been a somewhat neglected staple of the ADOM roguelike game. In the ADOM RPG we will Make Mindcraft Great Again (MMGA) – starting with a mind-blowingly beautiful chapter intro.

Chapter Intro: Ancardia

The Player’s Handbook will contain some introductory information about the world of Ancardia and a small sandbox campaign setting situated in the Drakalor Chain, an area well known from the roguelike computer game ADOM.

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