The Art of the ADOM RPG

When we conceived the ADOM Roleplaying Game (long before starting the ADOM RPG Kickstarter) I was totally clear about one topic from the very first second: I wanted it to look gorgeous!

I’m a huge fan of great graphics and even more so in gamebooks that accompany for many years. In my older AD&D books there are just some images (“A Paladin in Hell”, that funny party scene with the tiny dragon hanging from a tree in the 2nd edition PHB and many others) that I keep returning too because I just love them. And I wanted the same for the ADOM RPG: Gorgeous full-color graphics that are so mind-blowing that they themselves already get your mind spinning with creativity and ideas.

So very early on (actually before we conceived ADOM RPG) I started purchasing stock art from various sources – and added to that growing pool when it became clear we could be bringing the full-blown ADOM RPG to life.

Therefor I’d like to use this blog post to introduce you to some of the artists being featured in ADOM RPG (in nor particular order – I love them all).

Important: all art featured below has been licensed. You may not copy, redistribute it or use it in your games without obtaining a legal license from the respective artists!

Bastian von Gostomski

Bastian is a member of Team ADOM and he is responsible for all the gorgeous Ultimate ADOM art we presented over the past couple of months (and which partially also will be featured in the RPG books as there are tie-ins between the story of Ultimate ADOM and the pen & paper roleplaying game). Among other things he created both the covers for the Player’s Handbook and the Game Master’s Guide, our character sheets (still work in progress), all the wonderful Ancardian star signs and now also is working on a few individual chapter introduction pieces. Just look at the breath-taking picture for our “Sea Travel” chapter below:

The Ancardian Zodiac
Travelling the Ancardian Seas

Matt Forsythe

Matt is an artist I fell in love with early on because he managed to frame races and classes in a way I hadn’t see before. I’m totally in love with his painterly style and he is working on all the race and class images for the Player’s Handbook. Below you can see some examples for iconic Ancardian races, more can be found in our samples section on this website:

Ratling Necromancer & Duelist
Troll Barbarian & “Archer”
Orc Wizard & Beastfighter
Gnome Assassin & Bard

Dean Spencer

I have collected Deans art for a long time and he has produced so many awesome images over the years that I couldn’t help but use his art heavily both for chapter introductions and filler art throughout the book. He also is heavily featured in our Kickstarter video.

Chris Cold

Chris immediately sparked my interest by the wildly imaginative scenes he paints. ADOM always has been about wondrous and mysterious locations and Chris for me just nails it in that regard. His imagery will feature more heavily in the Game Master’s Guide than in the Player’s Handbook as we get into the gist of the mysterious world of Ancardia (and other dimensions) in that tome. Enjoy some of his spectacular artwork:

Entering a Chaos Gate
Chaos Invades!
Facing the Heart of Nature…
Wandering Through Strange Worlds

And a lot more…

Besides those lead artists we have more than two dozen other artists that provide even more amazing full-color art – from people like Forrest Imel, Dongbiao Lu, Paul Slinger, Eric Lofgren, Rafał Górniak, Scott Richard and many others.

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